5 Tips For an “Extra Healthy” Pregnancy

Technology has provided women tons of materials to help keep them in shape and educated as they go through pregnancy. Hence, for healthy tips on an extra healthy pregnancy – here’s a few things to consider about for all soon-to-be mothers out there!


Practice a balanced diet

To make sure that your baby’s getting the right amount of nutrition that it needs during your pregnancy is to practice a balanced diet, which is what pregnant women call eating for two. For starters, what you need to add into your diet when pregnant is an extra 300 calories per day – these may be equivalent to a healthy breakfast combo including one glass of low-fat milk, one whole apple, and one slice of bread, or anything that can equivalent to the said amount. Most likely, this can be taken care of during the last two trimesters which when exactly the baby’s growing into a baby.


Take prenatal vitamins

Going further with your diet, it’s also significant to add vitamin support in your pregnancy health to-dos. During the first trimester, the baby’s neural cord develops into his/her spinal cord and brain, hence it’s important to realize that additional nutrient support is needed to supply the nutrition the child needs as it develops on your womb. These nutrients particularly includes calcium, folic acid, and iron.

TIP: It’s always best to contact your doctor for vitamin prescription to make sure that you’re getting the right and effective prenatal vitamins to support a healthy pregnancy.


Add more fluids

Pregnant women are mostly sensitive – hence, to avoid complications such as constipation – it’s best to drink 8 glasses a day or a glass for in between (each and every) meals and snacks. Why? That’s because it is important for the baby and the mother to get enough blood volume which carries the oxygen and nutrients needed by their bodies. Additional fluids can also be gained through healthy beverages such as orange juice that is made from real fruit, non-fat or low-fat milk, and reduced-sodium V8.


Make time for exercises

To help control weight, uplift your mood, improve blood circulation, and help you sleep soundly, try some exercises. These exercises can either be swimming, yoga, or walking. However, it’s important to note that before you start any exercise routine – consult your doctor. This is to avoid getting the exercise done wrong, furthermore, it can also prevent you from overdoing it. For a start, a pregnant woman can exercise for at least 30 minutes a day to help her keep an active body throughout the day.


Attend childbirth classes

It is most common to pregnant women nowadays to attend childbirth classes as also recommended by their attending doctors. This helps them gain knowledge about the important dos and don’ts about childbearing and at the same time, prepare themselves for delivery. Moreover, it helps one build relationships with fellow mom-to-be’s and the staff.


Key Takeaway

Pregnancy is among the many gifts of God, hence, it’s only important for women to take appropriate precautions and eat healthy in order to make it to a safe delivery. More so, it’s important to note that consulting the doctor regularly helps best in maintaining and keeping track of the progress of a healthy pregnancy.

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