5 Things to Do With Old Baby Clothes

Items such as baby accessories and clothing are really fun to buy, especially if you’re a first-time parent. Tiny bracelets, hats, shirts, onesies, etc. could be tempting to buy because they are just too cute! You’d find out that you would want to buy everything for your precious little child to keep him/her happy and healthy looking.

Admittedly, these things are easily set aside because your baby will outgrow them. But don’t worry for there are still some things you could do with them so you could get your money’s worth. Here are a few ideas:


Hand Them Down

Being a first-time parent could be overwhelming in the beginning, but they say that you’ll get used to it – enough to even consider having a second child. Once this happens, you won’t have to worry about buying clothes for your baby because you already have some. Just—maybe—consider buying unisex ones so it could be worn by your child no matter what he/she is.


Store Them for Future Use

Another thing you could consider for your used baby clothes is to store them, particularly if they are still in good condition.

Place them in a tightly sealed container so that they won’t get easily damaged over time. When the time comes, you may bring it out again for whatever reason; you could hand them down to your next kid or to another relative, who may need the clothes.


Donate Them

Are you planning to have only one kid and couldn’t find another family member who needs baby clothes? Then, you could consider donating them to various charities. For sure, there are many parents and children out there who will be thankful to receive them.

Red Cross accepts in-kind donations, such as baby clothes, learn more about this by going to this page. For other organizations, you could click here and find out how you could make your donations.


Sell Them Online

The internet has many uses; it could serve as a form of extra income. For example, if you have baby accessories and clothing you no longer need, you could try selling them on websites like OLX, eBay, and Facebook. Just be sure to have reasonable prices, so you could attract many buyers.

Aside from that, be sure your goods have no damages. Remember, people could leave reviews to your account that could affect other possible buyers.

Sell Them in a Garage Sale

If you are not that internet-savvy, then don’t worry for you could still sell your baby clothes by putting up a garage sale. Again, be sure these items are damage-free and clean so that people will be interested in purchasing them. Afterwards, advertise your garage sale on your social media accounts so that you could get the attention of more buyers.


Key Takeaway

There are so many things you could do with a baby clothes. The next time you want to trash them, consider the following items above first. You will not only help those who are in need, but you might also earn some cash along the way.



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