5 Things to Avoid Before Your Wedding

Weddings. The ultimate celebration of love, unity, and holy matrimony. It is where two people come together and prepare for their lives as a unified couple, marking the start of their own family as well. Weddings, in short, are one of the most momentous and memorable occasions anyone can have—and with a few key aspects like wedding catering, décor, and more, a perfect wedding can certainly be pulled off!


However, like any other occasions, there are certain things that should be avoided at all costs, especially before the occasion itself is to take place. Looking for some ideas on what they are and what to avoid? Here are some of the best examples for you:


  1. Last Minute Changes


As. Much. As. Possible. AVOID this particular thing before the wedding. Not only is it going to get you more frazzled, it’s just going to add a lot more stress to everyone involved.


When it comes to this, make sure that all the plans you’ve made before the wedding is already set in stone. Once you’re settled with the plans you’ve made for the wedding, stick to it!


  1. Overeating


Yes, weddings can be stressful at times—but that doesn’t mean you need to gorge down on food as if you’re about to run out of wedding catering options. The reason why this is on the list is simply because most wedding dresses and suits are needed to be worn in an ideal weight. Overeating will not only cause you to gain weight, it can also lead to some last-minute changes on outfit alterations—which will be explained further.


  1. Attire Changes


Unless you’re moving from the ceremony to the reception, this is also something that should definitely be avoided! As mentioned before, as much as possible, make sure to set your plans for the wedding in stone and stick to them. Since most weddings are themed, there is definitely going to be a theme to wear for the special night—and since many of your guests already have their outfits ready, making any last-minute changes on this can greatly infuriate your guests.


  1. Menu Changes


Speaking of any more last-minute changes, making changes to the wedding catering menu when the special day is about to commence is a big, big no-no! Besides, why would you want to make any changes to the food when you sort of agreed on it in the first place?


When it comes to this, it’s absolutely vital for you to coordinate with your wedding caterer and come to a consensus to what kind of foods will be served on the day itself. Once you and your caterer reach an agreement, stick to the choices you’ve made for the menu and make sure your guests enjoy the food being served!


  1. Overall Wedding Drama


Of course, the one thing that really brings stress more than last-minute changes on the formal wear, décor, and even the wedding catering menu is none other than drama! Sure, you’ll encounter several kinds of people during the planning process that can (and will) get on your nerves. As much as possible, try not to punch them in the face. Keep calm and get through the coming days with as much ease as you want.


Key Takeaway


All in all, these 5 things to avoid before your wedding will surely give you peace of mind once eliminated from your list of worries. In the end, all you’ll have to do is simply relish the love you share with your spouse-to-be, enjoy the food prepared by the best wedding catering services and enjoy the night altogether!

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