5 signs that your kid is a spoiled BRAT

We as parents wanted our children to have what they want and to have a really beautiful life. We assure that we give them the best. The best school, clothes, toys and many other things in life, but I have come to this realization that sometimes (or most of the time) parents created a brat. Since we all wanted the best and we forget to teach them how to be grateful about things around them. We splurge them into luxury, but we forgot about the boundaries. So I list down 5 signs that our kid may be a spoiled brat. (This is based on experience)

1. Tantrums, Tantrums and more Tantrums

Tantrums are normal for kids, but when tantrums started when he wanted something and would do it in public I think that is not normal and our way to stop it is to compromise and to let them buy or give what they wanted.


2. Sharing is Caring, but he does not care to share.

Brats doesn’t want to share toys and their things even if they are not using it. They even don’t share their things to their siblings.

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3. I am the BOSS.

Most spoiled brats boss their playmates and their parents. They are always in charge and thinks that they are always correct.


4. I am the only STAR.

Brats tend to control their parents or playmates by being bossy, but they also wanted that the spotlight is always on their side. They tend to always out shine their playmates during playtime and would throw tantrums to show that they are the star.


5. The morning SQUEAKY

Brats mostly whines in the morning when you wake up them. You will tend to have a barter with them like “Do you want cookies or sandwich?” and they will answer it with tantrums easily.


Letting our kids to be a big brat is not an achievement and I am ashamed of that. We need to teach our children to have boundaries and we need to tell them when is enough, enough. We don’t need to allow them to grow to be big brats and we need to stop them as early as possible. I learned a lot from my experience, letting my first born have it all is not really a good thing. So, when my youngest was born, we see to it that we teach him about being satisfied for what we have and what we don’t have. We all wanted the best for our child, but we are creating little cute monsters inside them that needs to be fixed as early as possible.


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