5 reasons why you should try to do a staycation party at City Garden Grand Hotel

I remember back then when we celebrated my children’s 1st birthday party. Most of the time we make it so meaningful and extravagant because the baby survived their 1st year of existence. And I also remember giving them parties when they were in preschool and after that it stopped.

And after how many years, I just thought of celebrating my daughter’s birthday through staycation with her friends. The main plan is to just have a room for all of us (9 persons in all) but we ended up renting another room so my eldest can have their own privacy and we also do have our own.

Here are the top 5 reason why you should also do what we did:

They are known to be a business hotel, but did you know they offer party packages? Yes, you read it right they have party packages for debuts even weddings. But we did a staycation for our eldest 15th birthday and I must say they pampered us with complimentary birthday cake and fruits. Yum!

They are kids and teens friendly. My kids loves to swim and my youngest would go to the rooftop without us present and they will always update us that he’s in the pool right now taking a dip. That’s what you call customer service and exceeding it.

They serve delicious food yet kid friendly. What do I mean about this? What I mean is that all their food are super duper delish and most of the time the will have alternative food for the picky eaters like my children who will always look for hotdogs or bacon for dinner.

They will go the extra mile for you. What do I mean about this, we have a problem at the pool area since most hotels charge extra for an extra head, but they allowed my kids to swim since me and the hubby opted not to swim anymore, they just advice us that they will not charge us anymore.

Lastly, their service from the guards to the highest executive is always with a smile not only to foreigners but also to Filipinos and families like us. 

At the end of the day we never regret to have our daughter’s staycation party at City Garden Grand Hotel because they exceed our expectations and we are so happy that they have been part of that moment.

PS: I gave birth to my eldest at 15, that’s why I wanted it to be special.

City Garden Grand Hotel 
Location: 8008 Makati Avenue corner Kalayaan Avenue, Makati City 
Phone: 63 (2) 888 8181
Online Bookingwww.citygardengrandhotel.com

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