5 Must-Try Hidden Bars in Metro Manila

When you are trying to drink liquor in the Philippines, you would find that most popular bars would end up being crowded on nights when it’s best to unwind. The reason why is because you could find good ambience, kind regulars, and the best drinks in these places. However, these well-known bars are not the only places you could find those. In fact, some of the best bars designed their entrances to be hidden so that they could provide a relaxing evening of drinks. Here are a few these bars and how you can find them.



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This bar hidden in La Fuerza Plaza in Chino Roces is a go-to spot for workers in Makati to unwind. The bar gives a dark and edgy mood with dim lights and grim walls. This is topped off with a unique and well thought-out playlist that is never the same for two nights.

While you are there, be sure to try their signature Mule. This is a cocktail made of vodka that is characterized by sour, sweet, and spicy ginger flavors.

Finders Keepers


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Also found in La Fuerza, Finders Keepers is a popular place for the young inhabitants of the city because of the cool music and the stress-free atmosphere. They also enjoy the best handcrafted drinks in the Metro here.

However, this place is harder to find than 20:20. Look for a taco shop called Taqueria Real. Beside this is a black warehouse. Step through the door and you will be transported into a secret drinking lair.

Bank Bar


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This speakeasy is probably the most inconspicuous from the entire list. Do you know how some movies have secret entrances to bars from unassuming locations? Well, what else could be unassuming than a convenience store? Inside the 7/11 of the RCBC Savings Bank Corporate Center lies the entrance of Bank Bar.

This bar is known for the excellent set of drinks as well as the classy interiors. Try visiting between 5pm and 8pm to avail of their unlimited beer and cocktails promo, the “Happily Hour After” special.

The Thirsty Barber


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The Thirsty Barber is named so because it is hidden behind the wooden shelf of a barbershop (found in the ground floor of the Promenade Mall in San Juan). When you enter the hidden speakeasy, you will find that the interior draws inspiration from the beautiful city of New York which is known for being littered with hidden pubs. Because of this, drinking at this bar transports you to feel like you are enjoying drinks at an authentic bar in New York.

The booze collection in this bar is widely ranged. One must-try concoction is the Blunt Scissors which is a cocktail made of Stolichnaya, vodka, lemon, sugar, cucumber, soda water, and cucumber.

RM 16


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In Kapitolyo is an establishment called Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew where a bright vending machine can be found inside. This is actually a door and behind it is a bar called RM 16.

This simple bar only has a few of tables and chairs with a small bar area. But this small bar boasts a huge range of drinks. The Cilantro Fresco is a good starter here; it is made out of white rum, cilantro juice, lime, and green apple.

However, this place gets packed quickly especially during the weekends. Be sure to reserve a table before making your way here.

Key Takeaway
Such places like these are good ways to unwind with a few drinks without having to deal with the hassles of a crowded bar. It used to be impossible to find places like these. But with the power of the internet, this article just gave you the means to be able to find these hidden city getaways easily.

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