5 Must-Haves When Your Child Has Asthma

People diagnosed with a clinical or medical analysis to cure their illness or sickness always has their personal medical kits or things with them. Diabetic people have their own medicine for diabetes, those with heart problems bring with them blood pressure monitor, and then there are those who bring their inhalers due to their asthma. What are the other must-haves for anyone who’s asthmatic?


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What to avoid

  • Environmental triggers
  • Inconsistent weather
  • Furry animals or clothing
  • Physical exercise
  • Air pollution

These are critical factors that may trigger asthma strongly. The environmental triggers are places that involve pollens, mosses, and freshly cut grasses. The weather will always be inconsistent, and is another crucial factor to asthma because the weather can be extremely hot and then turn to a cold or windy season. Furry animals or clothing may be inhaled by asthmatic people and how it can trigger them badly too. Physical exercise, sadly, is also bad for people with asthma because they may have hard time breathing once they engage in strenuous activities. Lastly, air pollution is another factor that can affect people with asthma too because they will have a hard time breathing once they are exposed to these kinds of places.


One might say that it is practically impossible to avoid going to these places, but there are some preventive ways to follow that can lessen the intake of these struggles an individual with asthma can undergo.


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Firstly, if one can clearly say that they are struggling with asthma, they must go to a doctor as much as possible to know the remedies and medicines required. If you prefer to avoid it for the meantime, here are some of the must-haves an asthmatic person needs.


  1. Inhalers – inhalers are sure to help anyone with asthma and handy to bring. Make sure you have enough inhalers for you and refills.
  2. Prescribed medicines – once you become diagnosed by a doctor, they usually prescribe you with certain medicines that will help you with your breathing and everyday life. It may be costly, but it surely helps your health.
  3. Mask – a facial mask can be bought in department stores or drugstores all around the country. If you live a life of going outdoors on the roads, especially for those who commute, it is recommended to wear one.
  4. Handkerchief – if you refrain from looking “odd” because of the face mask, opt to bring a handkerchief and cover your nasal area whenever you pass by the areas you need to avoid. Not only does it cover your nose and mouth, it can be used for other purposes too!
  5. Flu vaccine – a flu vaccine is recommended to boost or improve the immune system. Taking shots quarterly, on a regular basis, or yearly (depends on the recommendation of the doctor) is needed because it might ease up or help the breathing of the person.


Being diagnosed with a medical or clinical condition is definitely hard as you bring this along your life for a long time. Sometimes it’s heartbreaking to know how you’ll be using a medicine for diabetes all your life, but it’s best to learn to accept these situations in life. Always aim for healthy lifestyle as much as possible even so.


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