5 Millennial Beauty Tips for the Generation

5 millenial beauty tips for the generation

5 millenial beauty tips for the generation

Some of the best moisturizer review in the Philippines talks about the ingredients being used in a certain brand or product. People, especially Millennials, understand how important it is to read the labels nowadays. You cannot simply buy something off a shelf and hope it works best for you and your skin. You have to understand how it would work and how would you benefit from it.

There are other beauty tips that people from another generation could definitely learn and pick up from Millennials and they include the following:

In Shower Body Lotions

Millennials are a very busy group of people, not particularly because they have too much work waiting for them in their office desks but because they rather spend most of their time doing activities that are worth their while; and putting lotion after they shower or take a bath is just another way of wasting their time.

This is why products like in shower body lotions have been created. They not only act as a shower gel but also as a moisturizer for your entire body. Using this instead of putting on your lotion the old fashion way will definitely save you at least 10 minutes!

Embrace Your Natural Hair

Gone are the days when people would go to the salon to have their hair straightened (or curled depending on their preference). Millennials have now embraced and accepted the natural state of their hair, which is part of their individuality because of this products like Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding and Pillow Soft Curls have been made available in the market to help cater to those with natural curly hair.

Straight-hair beauties can also rely on products that were made to add texture to their mane.

Wear Makeup with SPF

Millennials, for some reason, understand how important it is to have appropriate coverage whenever they are going outside to endure the sun. After all, it can produce some nasty UV rays that are often harmful to the skin.

Products like a number of BB creams and CC creams seem to be a gift from the gods for Millennials everywhere, as it allows them to put on makeup without having to apply a separate layer of sunblock to protect their faces from the sun.

Dry Shampoo

Hair experts from all over the world will tell you that it is not right for you to wash your hair every day and it seems that Millennials have listened. They are actually opting to use dry shampoos instead of regular ones.

Dry shampoos these days no longer give you an oily and sticky feeling after using them. Beauty tips? Well most of them feel natural now and would allow you to forego washing your hair every fourth (or even fifth) day.

Temporary Tattoos

They say that most Millennials have commitment issues and although that has not been scientifically proven, their craze about temporary tattoos is definitely on the rise with regards to beauty tips.

You have to admit though that temporary tattoos are much more convenient than getting a real one; just think about sporting a (fashionable) tattoo without submitting yourself to go under the needle!



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