5 Easy DIY Bedroom Designs You’ll Definitely Love!

Can you imagine going home and lying in a cold, dark, and messy bedroom after a tough day at work? Nah.

Bedrooms are the best place to be especially for people who works a lot. It’s tough enough to be working all day and all night – and a cozy bedroom would definitely make up to your sore working body. However, bedroom decors can cost so much – so, one way to get around it is to do it yourself. You’d definitely think that it would cost you a great amount of time, but no worries! I’ve got these 5 easy DIY cozy bedroom designs you know you want!

1. Bedroom ping pong ball string lights for a magical effect

Ping pong ball string lights will definitely take your bedroom to the next level, and the comfort it’ll bring you will help you sleep soundly at night. You can try and hang it on your walls, or leave it in the ground for a different effect. Check out this tutorial from The Surznick Common Room now!

2. A personalized hammock chair best for spending your weekend afternoon

This DIY hammock chair is definitely a must have if you want to get all cozy in your bedroom. You can design it yourself however you want, and spend your weekend afternoon with a book in hand or take a nap. You can check the how to’s at A Beautiful Mess.

3. Pom pom rugs for your feet and eyes

That soft feeling beneath your feet, plus, the fantastic mix of colors will definitely excite you each time you step into your bedroom! This DIY pompom rug from Make & Do Crew is an easy DIY addition to your cozy bedroom – comforting in its most literal sense.

4. Watercolor painted fabrics for pillows

Pillows are the most human-friendly items in the world, don’t you agree? They’re squishy and soft… certainly, the coziest thing ever made! You’d definitely agree with me if I say to have it watercolor painted by YOURSELF is the most magical privilege ever. Now, try it with Ella Claire’s easy DIY tutorial.

5. Knit-your-blanket

Knitting is one of the most old-fashioned hobbies people have, and what a great way to make use of that skill is to make a blanket, aye? I found this DIY knitting tutorial from HIBRID and it’s really cool. It’s a perfect partner for your bed and you, of course, so make time for it. You won’t regret it. Promise!

6. My personal pick just for you!

Art in your bedroom is one thing but doing it yourself, is another. Achieving a cozy bedroom is not complete without art, as art, in particular, can magically comfort you in the most unexplainable sense. Thus, I personally recommend the blooming monogram DIY tutorial by Lulus – which would definitely make you feel like you’re in a garden full of flowers. You can always have it your way – tweak a few things like using a shape instead of a letter, or a different item instead of flowers. Make it your own and achieve the cozy vibe you’ve always wanted!

So to say, there’s actually a lot of DIY’s out there and these will definitely consume your time and stimulate your creative juices which is a fact – but do not hesitate; as these cozy DIY bedroom designs are definitely worth it.

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