5 Apps That Will Motivate You at Work

5 apps that will motivate you at work

Technology has developed a lot of applications or apps that can help you with your daily lives and this include your work, where you may be feeling a little bit dreary and less productive lately. If you want to feel more motivated in your workplace, you may want to download these apps after getting your iPhone repaired in Los Angeles.

Here is a list of applications which are designed to help and motivate you in your working hours.

5 apps
Photo courtesy of OmniFocus

Cost: $19.99



Apple users can utilize OmniFocus on their Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch. It is a great productivity app that you can use to help you keep track of your tasks by using the criteria consist of project, person, and place.

This application can help you stay on top of your goals and projects. It can also give assistance to help you handle your top priorities for a particular day.

5 apps
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Cost: Free


DropBox is probably the most well-known app on this list. It provides an accessible place where you can store all of your most indispensable documents. Aside from saving your documents in the app, you can also save videos and pictures which you can later then take anywhere with you.

DropBox can be downloaded on your Apple and Android smartphones, as well as your own personal computers. It can also be used for group projects that require team work because it will let you and your teammates to edit on a file without having to send the file through your emails back and forth.

5 apps
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Cost: $4.99


Downloading this app will allow you to incorporate your day to day schedules into your smartphone. SmartTime will be able to assist you manage different appointments and tasks. Think of it as a more adaptable and powerful scheduler and organizer than your regular planner.

5 apps
Photo courtesy of Wunderlist

Cost: Free

Wunderlist 2

Wunderlist 2 is the perfect app for you if you need to organize various home and business tasks from day to day. It helps you systemize conference calls, meetings, vacations, shopping trips, and a lot more.

It also provides you a reminder anytime you might need one, making it impossible to forget and miss a due date. It also helps you collaborate with your co-workers when you are working on a project. Wunderlist 2 is similar to Evernote and SpringPad.

5 apps
Photo courtesy of Instapaper

Cost: $3.99

Instapaper allows you to save website pages that you might need later on because it understands that your time is only limited and there is only so much articles you can read on the internet at a certain time. This application optimizes these pages so that you can read them on your phone or tablet.

This app will let you read these articles anywhere and anytime, even when you are offline, to make work easier for you. It also allows you to highlight a text and put your comment on an online article.

You do not have to be alone and feel helpless while working. Download these apps and they will sure to help you feel motivated as well as accomplish anything that comes your way.

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