4 Tips for Learning a New Language

What many Philippine call centers specialize in is proficiency in the English language. In fact, being able to speak fluently in both English and Tagalog is a must for many call center services in the Philippines. It’s this flexibility that makes call centers an attractive outsource destination.

 But what exactly does it take for a person to learn a new language? Below are a few tips that many call center professionals in the Philippines used to learn the English language. You will be surprised how many of these are applicable to learning the language of your choice.

Engage in Awkward Conversation with Someone Better

There’s no better way to learn a language than to embarrass yourself in front of someone who knows it better. Doing so will open you up to corrections regarding how use it well in conversation. With and a dictionary on hand, you will speed up the learning process tenfold. Not to mention, it is more interesting than learning from a book or class.

Also, learning a language is about usage; not memorization. A word will stick more with you if you know how it is used rather than just trying to force it into your vocabulary. It’s human nature since minds tend to prioritize memories and emotions. By experiencing the use of a language, your brain will learn more compared to reading a book about it.


Intensity > Time

It’s more beneficial to learn a language every day rather than only a few days in a week. This is because you can forget a lot of things in the days in between; especially because you will still be using your native tongue very often. To be able to really get the language ingrained in you, you must have sort of “brain wash” yourself. So, it’s recommended that you study a language for 4 hours a day for 2 weeks. This will require and sort of force you to go through the repetition and adaptation needed for your brain to learn. It’ll be much more worth it than attended a class 3 times a week and forgetting most of what was taught.

Learn the 100 Most Common Words First

Do this along with studying the correct grammar. Then, try to make sentences out of these 100 words. You will be surprised with how many usable statements you can make.  Try using these with your friend from the first tip so you can polish them out. From there, you can advance into learning the less commonly used words.


Have a Pocket Dictionary or Dictionary App

As the name implies, you should always keep this in your pocket. But if you don’t want your pocket to be bulky, then download an app on your phone. The latter is actually better because searching for a word translation is better than fumbling over pages while talking to someone. But either way, if you get to use this is a conversation, then you are also learning the language on the go efficiently. This is because your mind will attach to the experience of using a word for the first time in a situation. Plus, you will get that correction from the person you’re speaking to. Thus, you will learn the word better.


Key Takeaway

Learning a language is all about repetitive use. Don’t be embarrassed to make mistakes because more experienced people will correct you. Take their notes and ingrain it in your mind. As for when you are home. Dedicate a big chuck of time to just using the language. You have to get used to it if you are to use it daily. These are the tips that many call center agents use in order to become proficient with the English language. In fact, their culture encourages the repetitive use of it, which is why many have it as their second language. So take the example of call center agents and you will learn the language in no time.



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