4 Offline Games to Ease Your Boredom

During those breaks from busy days at work or school, there are just those times where I decide to kill time by playing some nice games on my phone. Among all the apps, from the ones that help me unlock my phone, to apps that help increase productivity, I almost always need to have some games on my phone. Games are one way to relieve some stress and beat boredom. This also helps me prevent from getting burned out from work, which is one thing to avoid at all times if possible. To get you started, here are some nice games that you can put in your phone to remove your boredom.



If you want a game that would kill your boredom, while also keeping your mind active, Quizoid is the game for you. Quizoid is basically a trivia quiz game with over 7,000 questions across 6 levels. These questions are divided into categories, like history, sports, nature, food, movies, music, and many more. You can also get more questions once the app receives an update. A great quiz game that you and your friends can enjoy during your spare time.


Punch Quest

If you want a game that reminds you of your experiences playing video games as a child, Punch Quest is a game that would bring back some memories. The game is reminiscent of classic video games like Super Mario Bros. and Ghost and Goblins, as the game is a side-scroller. The game features a jock as the main character, along with enemies like orcs, dragons, and even ninjas. This is a fun game that has nostalgia factor, while also being really enjoyable to play.


Asphalt 8: Airborne

One of the most popular game series on mobile, the Asphalt series has been one of the most enjoyable games to play over the years. With this being the eighth game in the series, there have been a lot of improvements compared to the previous iterations of the game. These improvements include improved graphics, new cars, and a new dimension in gameplay, where your cars can do some awesome and dazzling flying stunts like rolls and flips. There are also 47 real-world cars to choose from, which can get car fans really excited. If you are looking for a fast and exciting game, Asphalt will definitely deliver.


Plants vs. Zombies 2

One of the most popular games on mobile today, Plants vs. Zombies is a defense game where the objective is to protect your home from invading zombies. To help defend your home, you are given a selection of plants which launch projectiles that can stop those zombies in their tracks. The game is worth hours of fun, as there are numerous levels to play and different plant types to try. With over 100 million people already downloading this game, this is one that is worth playing.

Key Takeaway

There are many mobile games that I have played over the past few years, and these selection of games that I listed are some of the one that are worth your time. From exciting action and racing games, to quiz games that would make your think, these are games that would really eliminate your boredom.

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