4 Fun Hobbies You Can Share with Your Child

Does it feel like your child is spending far too much time in front of the screen either watching television or playing video games? Do you constantly hear the words “I’m bored” coming out of their mouth? Does it feel like the two of you just don’t get enough time to bond and enjoy fun activities together? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then it may be time to seek out some hobbies that the two of you can share.

In order to spark some ideas and motivate you to pick up these hobbies, here are a few well worth trying.

Card Games with a Twist

Basic card games such as Memory and Go Fish are those things that kids learn from a very early age. They are fun, simple to pick up, and can be played with any set of cards. So, why not take the card games to the next level by using collectible cards and even amping up the type of card game you play?

These Pokémon cards from Japan are able to tick all the boxes. They can be collected by your kids and used as trading cards with their friends. They can then show you all the unique cards they’ve got, and you can even have a “battle” with them. There are even Pokémon themed card cards such as the classic UNO game but with Pokémon cards. It’s just a fun way to inject a unique twist on card games that you can play together.

Share the Joy of Photography Together

These days just about anyone can become an amateur photography thanks to the advances in camera technology. For a relatively reasonable price, you can find cameras that offer all kinds of features and tools that make it possible for you to capture some incredible shots. So why not share this hobby with your child?

There’s no need to go into too much detail and technical language at first; instead, it’s about having a creative eye and just snapping photos. You can print their pictures to frame and hang in the house, or create their own photo album.

It’s a good idea to start out with a fairly basic and user-friendly camera and then if they show interest in the hobby and want to take it further, you can upgrade down the road. The two of you may even want to sign up for some lessons.

Get Crafting – the Options are Endless

Then there is the hobby of crafting. This is actually an umbrella term that is used for all kinds of activities that can include quilting, knitting, tapestry, drawing, painting, woodwork, felting, scrapbooking, the list goes on and on. Your child may even show an interest in more than one of these activities.

The best thing you can do is introduce them to as many different crafting projects as possible so they can start to learn which of them appeals to them the most. Once they’ve narrowed down their sights, you can make it a habit to stock the supplies they will need to engage in their craft anytime the mood is right. They may even be able to give you some pointers and tips as you craft with them.

Encourage a Green Thumb

If you are looking for a way to share a hobby, plus get some fresh air, then encouraging a green thumb is a great idea. Teaching your child the joys of gardening is a wonderful hobby. Not only will they learn to care for plants, but it is a more active hobby that gets you outdoors and moving around.

Plenty of Options for Bonding with Your Child

As you can see, there are many hobbies that the two of you can enjoy together. It’s all about considering your child’s interests and then finding a way to share it with them.

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