4 Drinks That Are Good For Your Figure

Alcoholic drinks are among the staple beverages in most countries. But, this poses a problem to those who’re trying to maintain or perfect their figure because some alcoholic drinks can be detrimental to a person’s weight and body figure. In the Philippines, liquor is distributed in different kinds, so that people have a variety of choices to decide upon. With these myriad of liquor and alcoholic drinks, there is bound to be something that can help you with your current weight watch.

Let’s take a look into the world of drinks that are good for you and your figure!


#1. Vodka Soda


It’s common knowledge that if you’re trying to maintain or reduce your body’s weight, you should drink vodka and soda. This is because this alcoholic drink is among the top low-calorie drinks that can make you inebriated. While this may be a drink that can be good for your figure, be warned: it is also one of the most boring and dullest drinks out in the market.

Here’s the calorie breakdown for this drink: vodka has an estimated 96 calories per 1.5 ounces. Meanwhile, soda water has no calories whatsoever, which means you just have to be wary of the vodka. But the downside of this drink is that it has no nutritional value.drink-428320_960_720#2. Whiskey


You don’t have to beat yourself up when you’re on weight watch and you want to drink. Bourbon, also known as whiskey, has amazing flavor while offering low-calories. This means that you get more flavor while sacrificing only a small amount of calories! When compared to the vodka soda, drinking bourbon is a more pleasurable experience.

Here’s the calorie breakdown: Bourbon has an average 97-110 calories per 1.5 ounces. The difference of calories depends on the brand of Bourbon that you’re drinking.


#3. Gin


Gin has the same caloric properties with whiskey, but the main difference between the two is that gin has considerably less flavor. Also, it’s better if you drink gin and whiskey in moderation because too much of these drinks can lead to alcohol poisoning and other health anomalies that can eventually lead to an early passing. And, you should also be cautious on what you mix with gin and whiskey because if you mix in sugary concoctions, then you’re just defeating the purpose of cutting down on calories. The best way to drink this when you’re on weight watch is to consume it on the rocks, neat, or with soda backing.

Most hard liquors posses the same properties, so they share the same caloric value. Examples of hard drinks are tequila, light rum, etc.


#4. Manhattan


One of the most flavorful, delectable cocktail mixes, Manhattan also possess outstanding nutritional value! Let’s break down its ingredients, so we can see why it has its nutritional value. It has Bourbon (refer to #2). and vermouth (which is a kind of wine that gets its flavor through the incorporation of different herbs) it contains an average of 45 calories per ounce. Also, the common herbs that are used in vermouth can also remedy hiccups and an upset stomach.

Looking for an alcoholic drink that can help you with your current weight watch is hard, but with this article you’ll become knowledgeable, and you’ll also have a good time while drinking!

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