4 Books to Read This Rainy Season


It’s the time of the year again when there is nothing better to do but to curl up in bed with a cup of your favorite hot drink on your bedside table while reading a book. A weekend during the rainy season is a perfect time to relax and get carried away by your imagination as you get engrossed over whatever you are reading. In addition to that, you can contact helpdesk services to research books for you which you can read after a hard day at work. Here are four books you can get lost in while the storm clouds rage by:

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  1. Let Me Call You Sweetheart by Mary Higgins Clark

Hailed as ‘America’s Queen of Suspense’, Mary Higgins Clark presents Let Me Call You Sweetheart, which features brave New Jersey prosecutor and devoted mother Kerry McGrath. When her daughter Robin got involved in a car crash, McGrath took Robin to world-famous plastic surgeon Dr. Charles Smith to treat the cut on her face. While waiting, McGrath saw two women bearing an uncanny resemblance to Suzanne Reardon—a young woman who was killed eleven years earlier—head out of the clinic. McGrath soon become immersed in a fresh investigation, determined to know why Smith was recreating the face of a dead woman. She finds herself thrown into an unfamiliar territory where people who are so obsessed for beauty they are willing to kill for it. Everyone involved in Suzanne Reardon’s murder want to keep the case closed; and it is clear someone is hell-bent on stopping McGrath from pursuing the case.



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  1. Pet Sematary by Stephen King

Although Stephen King is noted for his works like Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption, Carrie, The Shining, and The Stand, Pet Sematary is definite must-read for people who are looking for a really dark and disturbing read. The novel starts out sweet and innocent as Dr. Louis Creed and his family moved to rural Maine. Even though they are close to the ideal family and living in a calm and tranquil home, the horrors began to creep in when the family’s cat, Church, was run over by a car. Knowing that Louis’ daughter will be devastated from the loss, Jud—the Creeds’ neighbor—decided to help Louis by taking him to the ‘pet sematary’ (a misspelled sign by the local kids), which was located behind the Creeds’ home. Beyond the ‘pet sematary’ was a secret burial ground built by the Native Americans where, according to Jud, resurrects the dead back to life. When Church came back to life, things began to operate smoothly again until Gage, Louis’ son, was hit by a truck. Desperate to have his son back, Louis exhumed Gage’s corpse then buried him in the Micmac burial ground. Gage came back as a demonic monster, proving that there are times it is better to leave the dead alone.

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  1. Dare Me by Megan Abbott

Abbott’s sixth novel presents Addy Hanlon and Beth Cassidy. The two girls have been best friends since childhood and they do everything together, like making it to the top of their high school society. Beth is the manipulative and cruel girl while Addy is more of the lieutenant. Now, they are seniors who rule the cheerleading squad until the new coach, Colette French, arrived. Coach French drew Addy and the rest of the girls into her life thanks to her cool and commanding personality. Unsettled by the new regime, Beth created a subtle but vicious campaign to regain her status as the top girl. When a suicide focuses on the Coach and the rest of the girls, Addy tries to uncover the truth behind the death while trying not to cross the boundary of her loyalty to her best friend and to her coach.


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  1. A Dark-Adapted Eye by Ruth Rendell (as Barbara Vine)

The story is set during the World War II, with the story narrated by Faith Severn, who recounts her memories of her two, snobbish and vain aunts: Vera and Eden. At the encouragement of a crime writer, Faith expounded on her aunts’ lives like how Vera had a poor relationship with her son Francis and devotes her time in taking care of her younger sister Eden. When she was 40 years old, Vera gave birth to Jaime and was immediately attached to the baby. Unable to bear a child, Eden began to assert her right to adopt Jaime, using her husband’s wealth and power against Vera. Later, however, Vera was condemned to death for murder. Who did Vera kill and why? What happened before the murder? Who finally won custody over Jaime?

Whether you like an 800-page thriller or a short comedy or even a trilogy, every good read during a rainy day is one where you can get lost in until the skies clear. With books as great as the ones mentioned above, it’s a guarantee you’re going to hope for the next rain to come soon.

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