3 ways to teach your child on how to deal with bullies

We as parents can never know when and where our kids will be bullied. So here’s3 ways to teach our kids on how to deal with bullies.

1. Teach your children that it is okay to say no to bullies.

I always tell my kids that it is okay for you to say no, especially if you feel threatened and terrified when playing with bully kids. I taught them to say:

“ It’s my turn now”


“You should not get all my toys”


2. Teach your children not to be alone with a bully.

I always forgot this, because I am confident about my kids’ ability to deal with bullies, but as we mother know “we can never tell” when and how bully will attack. So I think this will be my New Year’s resolution to not allow my children again to be alone with a bully.


3. Lastly, As parents, we should not be hesitant to intervene.

I think this is the most important thing that parents should do. We should protect our children from bullies and we should always be a watchdog for our children. As we teach them to be independent, we as parents should know when and where we intervene if our children is being attacked by bullies.


sad daughter hugging his mother

We all know that bullies kids need love and care and this is their way to show to their parents that they need affection and love not just the toys and gifts you gave them. They need parents who will cuddle them and tell them how much they are loved. As parents, we all need to know on how to teach our children to protect themselves and we should also know when and how to intervene with the bullies.


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