3 reasons why your lovely handbags can ruin you

The Bag investigator

Women loves bags and shoes, but some women (ehem.. like me) just loves and adores bag. It can be a luxury, branded or even just a plain bag, I love how bags calls me and ask me to buy them, you may think I am crazy, well I am a crazy bag collector and ever since I got my hand on my very first YSL bag back when I was in grade school, I instantly knew what my calling is. But, there are bags that I think is not my best friend because they make my back ache and is giving me a hard time to strut when I’m walking that is why most of them are gone now.

I listed some of the reason why our lovely bags can ruin us in many ways:

Your luxury or branded bag is too heavy even without your essentials

I have this kind of bag that is so heavy even without my make up kit, wallet, umbrella and other essentials that I usually bring when I am going out. That is why I seldom use it and it was just stocked for a long time now.

Your hair can get thinner

Maybe you’re asking what the heck? You can lose some of your hair specially when It’s trap on the strap of your heavy bag and if you carry it everyday imagine how many hairs are being trap on your bags strap.

A lot of germs and bacterias are hiding in your lovely bag

Imagine your are not changing your favourite bag for a month now and you are bringing it to the toilet and letting it sit anywhere there, oh no girl! you are hoarding a lot o bacterias and germs that is not visible on our naked eye and it can even get you sick.

So even if you have the most luxurious bag we should be always cautious in choosing the right bag for our lifestyle. Till our next Bag Adventures!

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