3 reasons why Smart Padala is the best remittance for you + their newest brand ambassador

Smart Padala

When I was still in the business of buying and selling, my clients are usually from outside the country or outside Metro Manila. So the means of payment for me is remittance, but it’s super hassle for specially if you need to go the center to get the money they paid. I waste money on gas if I am using a car or waste money on my transportation just to reach the center and mostly it is located inside the mall and I have another additional expense since I am tempted to buy a new bag or something for my kids. When I was part of the corporate world, specifically Smart Communications, that is when the time I discovered “Smart Money” and Smart Padala and it makes my business an easy breezy one because I don’t need to go to centres I just need provide details to my client and taaadaaa! I have the money instantly. So here’s what I learn about Smart Padala and why it is the best remittance for online sellers, families with immediate money sending needs or like Angel Locsin who sends money to her relatives.

Sie OBV explaining about Smart Padala.
Sie OBV explaining about Smart Padala.


It is very secure

Your hard earned money is secure because when you go to your sucking tindahan on the nearest partner you need to present a Valid ID and you can instantly confirm if the money that you will send is really being send to your love one because in just a second they will receive a text notification about it.


It is has low cost Service Fee

I remember when I will be sending my Lola money through a different remittance center the P5,000 I sent cost me around 150-200+ service fee which is too costly. While Smart Padala only have 2% service charge and they offer a promo like “Padalang Padalow” which have certain discounts and incentives.


It has a lot of Padala Centres not just in the mall

Smart Padala have around 15,000 Padala centres nationwide which makes our lives easier if we want to send money to our love ones.


See how useful and makes our lives easier when we have Smart Padala in our lives? And there is no other woman who best represent Smart Padala than Angel Tocsin, because she embodies and feel the importance of an easy and near remittance centre and what I love the most is that she sings for Smart Padala and that’s a first (I think so) for her.

Angel Locsin Smart Padala’s newest brand ambassador

As per Sir Lawren Ferrer, the VP  and Head of Domestic Business at PayMaya Philippines “Angel Locsin represents a family oriented and service oriented values of Smart Padala. Aside from being a daughter, she also supports advocacies such as the Philippine Red Cross and women’s right,”

Smart Padala.1

So what are you waiting for? Switch now for a much easier and dependable remittance service. Smart Padala is like your smartphone it is just at the tip of your fingertips.

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