3 reasons why I love brown rice + Last week’s Delicious Diet Meal

Most of us are rice eater and mostly we eat white rice, which have less fiber and looks much delicious than brown rice, but brown rice is a very much healthier alternative to white rice. Brown rice has a lot of vitamins like, calcium, magnesium, potassium and specially fiber.

I’ve been eating Delicious Diet meals for the past 3 weeks and they have introduced me to brown rice, at first was really hesitant to try it because it does not looks appetizing at all, but when I finally pull myself to try it. I realize that 1 cup of brown rice can fill my hunger for rice, in short “mabigat sa tyan”.

Here’s a list why I finally give my love to brown rice and why you should try it:

1.Promotes weight loss

Yes you read it right, you can loose weight eating brown rice. Like what i’ve said “mabigat siya sa tyan”. Plus, brown rice promotes a healthy bowel movement.

2. High in Fiber

Brown rice have a high fiber content than white rice. This can also be a good colon cancer fighter because it washes away toxins in your colon wall.

3. Rich in Anti-oxidant

Anti-oxidant is not always found in coffee or other berries, fruits and veggies. Brown rice is Hollywood’s secret to being beautiful and healthy.

By the way, here is last week’s food from Delicious Diet and they have brown rice almost everyday on their meal. Better book your Delicious Diet Meal below:


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