3 Power Saving Tips for Summer

Every time summer rolls in, electrical power distributors have a ball because consumption of electricity is off the roof and people’s electric bills automatically sky-rocket. Some even start to consider buying a solar panel from Solar System Philippines just to lower their bill, but those are expensive too.

There’s just no helping this especially in our country where a normal summer day means bearing the 40°C heat of the sun. Moreover, school’s out and all the kids are home to complain about the summer heat whilst watching their favorite TV shows or playing their computer games.

And since your kind heart can’t stand to see them suffer, you turn on the A/C and stuff the fridge with all kinds of popsicles and ice cream to keep them cool.

These practices, while wise and considerate, will eventually burn a hole through your pockets. If you want to save even just a bit of money and lower your electrical bill, consider following the tips listed below.

Unplug and Unplug

Unplugging – both in the literal and figurative sense – helps a lot.

When things are plugged in they still consume electricity even though they’re technically not being used. Unplug all appliances and power boards that are not in use in order to not mindlessly drive up your electrical bill.

You can also choose to unplug from technology. Summer is the perfect time to bond with your family. Keep your kids away from their gadgets and computers by doing fun family activities like board games or gardening.

Utilize Natural Light

Do your chores and errands while the sun’s out and take advantage of its natural light. If you wait until well into the afternoon to start your day, you will end up working through the night where you’ll be forced to turn on your lights and consumer more electricity.

Stuff Your Refrigerator Adequately

Frequently opening your refrigerator doors will increase your electric bill because as you open the unit, heat enters and makes it harder to cool down.

At the same time, an empty fridge will consume the same amount of electricity as one that is overflowing with food and beverages – unless it’s unplugged, of course. The reason behind this is there’s a larger area that needs to be filled with cold air.

At most, 20% of your electricity is taken up by your fridge, but you can lower this percentage if you just store the necessities.

Key Takeaways

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you have to spend all your money to pay the electric bill. You just need to adjust and compromise a little in order to avoid a massive bill.

Things you can do include unplugging your appliances from their sockets or yourself from technology, making use of the sun’s natural light, and stuffing your fridge with only the necessities.

If you follow these tips, you will never again have to consider buying a solar panel from Solar System Philippines just to lower your bill and you can guiltlessly turn your A/C all the way up!

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