3 Money Hacks That Would Save Your College Life


When you’re taking a course in a University – whether it’s engineering, music, law, etc. – you’re preparing for the big world. But what you don’t know is that you’re not just doing this by studying. You’re also practicing how to save up. College life is full of unexpected spending; especially when you’re hanging out with your friends. If you don’t control yourself, then you may end up having too much debt to pay. But don’t worry! Here are some money hacks that will help you save up some money.


Rent, Borrow, and Sell Books

Textbooks are one of the most costly expenses that you will ever make during college. Yeah, the learning will make it worth it, but after you’ve used it for just a few semesters, you’ll never need it again! It won’t feel like a bang for your buck.

If you have family or a friend that took the same course you’re taking but he/she is a few years ahead, then try to borrow his/her books. Chances are the books aren’t being used anymore; especially if this person is already working. Just promise you will take care of it and give it back once you’re done and you will be able to borrow it for sure. Another option is to rent books so you can learn at a fraction of the price.

However, if you’ve already purchased a book, then maybe you could rent it out yourself! It’s a great way to get your money back and then some.


Use Rewards Cards

You know those bunch of cards that your mom carries around in her wallet? Those that always seem to be in a different color every time? Adults know this as the rewards card. Get one… or two… or seventy. Just get them and you will save a lot of cash.

These are usually given for free so it will cost you nothing. Plus, they have so many perks! Usually, these give you discounts on certain items of your favorite stores.

But, if your credit card provider also gives out rewards cards, then this certainly a must-have! These types of rewards cards usually give cash incentives or airline miles! Certainly worth it when you get to learn about how to manage your money as well.

Some cards also have loyalty points. Basically, these can stack up the points every time you purchase a product and have the car scanned. Once you have enough, you can get useful freebies and/or discounts.


Use Coupon Apps

Apps such as Groupon or RedLaser are smart apps that lets you know of any discounts in any nearby store. It tracks your location so you can just about your day and be notified when there is a sweet deal that you need to get. You save up on gas and time canvassing for the cheapest items which are probably still way too expensive.

Key Takeaway

College is when you start adulating and you have to be smart about how you spend. Don’t stop having fun, but also don’t stop thinking about your budget.

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