3 DIY Industrial Shelf Ideas

There are times where you can’t help but think that your home looks just a little too bear, maybe even boring. It makes you want to do a little redecorating, but the first thing you think about is the cost

.You may really want a bunch of new furniture for your home, but unfortunately sometimes it’ll put too much of a damper on your wallet. The best way to circumvent this issue, then, is to build it yourself!

With some wood and quality steel bars from the Philippines, you too can create your own dream shelf.

How about a DIY project? It might seem a little daunting, but no worries! It’s called a do it yourself or a reason. No need to ask for a professional, although an adult with knowledge of carpentry might be needed, especially when you have little to no experience with the hardware section of the mall.

Industrial shelves are good DIY projects, and they’re gaining a lot popularity not only because there’s something alluring about the combination of stained wood and metal, but also because they’re structurally durable. They’re also easy and cheap to assemble, and people prefer to do it themselves since commercially available industrial shelves come with an absurd price tag.

To be able to create and succeed in your DIY industrial shelf project, be sure to select a style that will suit the existing design of your home, your budget, and of course your carpentry skills, and the power tools you have on hand.

Here are three DIY shelf ideas of different designs and difficulty for you to create in your home.

steel bar

Image Source: www.instructables.com

This steel rod shelf is so easy; you’re going to do mostly assembling and not building. The materials you need for this will available in any hardware store’s plumbing department. You can have a wood supplier cut the wood for you, and you can paint it whatever color you want. You can also just stain it with varnish to keep it a little more natural looking. The only power tool you’ll need is a drill to secure the flanges to the wall.

steel bar 2

Image Source: www.simplifiedbuilding.com

This three tiered shelf can be used for retail product displays. It’s supported by several steel pipes on the first layer, and two on the second later, all secured with flanges. Be sure that your pipes are all of the same length, or your shelf will look wonky and your displays will slide off it. It’s your choice if you want to use pieces of wood that are of the same size instead of using the design pictured above.

steel bar 3

Image Source: www.instructables.com

This is a unique design that gives off the floating look. It looks modern and clean. Again, you need flanges, and pipes, but this time you need pipe elbows for the wall support. You can color your wood if you want. White would look really modern, or varnish it to add that country rustic feel to your home.

Remember to use proper tools when creating your DIY shelf, and to have someone around who knows more than you do about carpentry if you know little about it. Sand and stain your wood if you want it to compliment your space. Have fun and good luck!


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