3 Annoying Officemates and How to Deal with Them

Working in a Philippine call center can definitely bring you a lot of perks and benefits. Not only will you be able to gain much experience in the field of customer services, but working in the industry can also give you the drive you crave for when it comes to pursuing other passions in the future. However, like many other things in our lives, working in a call center does have its fair share of drawbacks and annoyances, which in this case, can come in the form of your very own officemates!

That’s right! There are instances where the people you work with can get on your very last nerve, for a variety of reasons. When it comes to that, all you’ll ever need to know are just who they are, what their personalities are like, and how to deal with them, which will be explained just for you in the following points:


The Swamp Creature

No, this doesn’t mean literally living in a swamp. When it comes to this type of co-worker, you’ll always see them in the office literally “swamped” with work on their desks. Not only are they too busy to have fun with you on good days and nights, they sometimes complain about the amount of work they need to put in for the day, which can understandably get on your nerves at times.

In any case, the best way to deal with them is to give them a stern talking-to, not just from a co-worker to co-worker, but from a friend to a friend. After all, working in a call center entails the responsibility to provide assistance to your clients, which can also do the same for call center agents alike!


The Complainer

This is something we ALL can’t stand! While work in a call center can be understandably hard, there’s absolutely no reason for one to complain that much, especially when you’re earning more than enough for simply doing your best at work.

When it comes to handling this type of co-worker, as mentioned before in the previous number, all you’ll need to do is give them a talking-to. Besides, you’re all on the same boat so why should one who complains a lot sink it?


The Bully

If you think that the complainer is the one we can’t stand, the one who puts other people down to make themselves feel good is the absolute worst!

Bullies aren’t just a common type of people encountered in schools as there are a lot of those in the workplace. In fact, them being your officemates are just as good as sitting next to them in class and having them poke at you for the next semester. They are sly, manipulative, and overall aggressive in their approach towards anyone, most especially with their egos being at an all-time high if they are in a position of authority.

When it comes to handling this type of co-worker, the best way to do so is to stand up for yourself. If ever they don’t back down, then it’s time to get HR involved. In short, don’t be afraid to put them in their place!


Key Takeaway 

These 3 aforementioned types officemates are just some of the many kinds you can encounter in the workplace. If ever you do encounter any of them, or even expressed even the slightest bit of annoyance towards them, don’t hesitate to stand your ground with them and make your true feelings known to them. Who knows? They may change for the better.



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