2016 is the year of the Calayan’s

Manny and Pie Calayan

Before all the known names in the beauty industry there is this one surname that know beauty and make Filipinos beautiful, the Calayan’s. Dra. Pie and Manny Calayan has been a household name and the first name to pop in your mind when it comes to beautifying our selves.

After being in the US for five years, Dra. Pie Calayan is back in the country and she brought new plans for the Calayan Clinic, which is by the way 21 years now. One of that big reveal is that they will be having a new clinic in Alabang before the year ends and they also wanted to expand it to Baguio and Japan.

Manny and Pie Calayan

And another new reveal is that they will be re-creating the look of their clinics into a more vibrant, cooler and comforting one. They are planning to install more glass to allow more light in the clinic and replacing a newer facial beds and adding more modern treatments for the Filipinos. Dra. Pie wanted this change to make their clients feel that they are home rather than in a clinic.

One more for the reveal is that they are also planning to re-designs and re-brand the Calayan Surgicenter and opted to use the Manny and Pie Calayan Clinic and be better know as PieManni for a much better recall for them. They also invest in their website so that the people can check out their services via internet and also they will be using Sam YG’s testimonial “Nakakalbo ka na ba sa traffic, stress at love life mo? Buti nalang meron ng #HairMax solution si Papi Doc @mannyandpiecalayan #relax#okidoks ó @_samyg. The Hair Max solution is just one of many services the Manny and Pie Calayan Clinic’s offer.” They also will be having their improved YouTube Channel where they answer questions on skin and beauty.

Manny and Pie Calayan

But, the final and most important reveal is that tehbcouple is planning to have a  very personal approach. They wanted to be hands-on  on consultation and treatments. As Dra. Pie says “Sa ibang clinics kasi, when you go there for a consultation, maraming doctors, may nagko-konsulta sa iyo, tapos may gagawang iba. But with us itís really personalized. Kami pa rin ni Doc. And we really try to have a personalized relationship with our clients, that if they have questions, madali kaming ma-contact para sumagot. Si Doc ëyung nag-o-opera, and I do the procedures, especially if the patient wants it that way. But usually, ëyun nga, lahat ng surgery kay Doc, lahat ng derma sa akin. So that means lahat ng skin-related issues like pigmentation, fine lines, whitening, I take care of those.î”

They are also incorporating a holistic approach to beauty, not just always uses medicines. They will also be giving vegan advices since Dra. Pie is now on a vegan lifestyle which I think is much more effective and safe.

They really want to take a more personalized approach this year. Dra. Pie is even incorporating her own vegan lifestyle into the advice she dispenses to patients. The Manny and Pie Calayan Clinic ó and Dra. Pie in particular ó are avid practitioners of what she calls ìalternative dermatologyî in which drugs or medicine are not always the first option in treatment.

Manny and Pie Calayan

Dra. Pie says “ try to avoid if possible giving drugs to my patients. The products I have are plant-based, like my lifestyle, because Iím vegan. Nakita ko ang benefit sa akin. Pati patients ni Doc, ako na rin nag-co-consult sa kanila on how to maintain their post-lipo figure. I give them what they can do, what food they can eat, kasi ang plants naman are naturally low in calories.”

And much more exciting is that they will be introducing promos specially during holidays. They wanted to cater to people on all walks of life and believe that beauty should be given to everyone. That is why I am so excited to try their services and treatments!

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