How to SPOT: Marc by Marc Jacobs

 Check on the tag. The back of the tag should have the details of the color of the bag and the style information. But always remember counterfeiters can do tags […]

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The skills I want to unlock are the following: I want to unlock the skill of Multitasking while I’m on Radiation Therapy so I can help my son do his […]

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Battle of the TOTE Bags: Michael Kors

Tote bags are very spacious that’s why most of us do have this kind of bag even our celebrity idols carry it on their meetings and for some models for […]

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Pretty Little Liars Bags Galore: Episode 7

We have witnessed  another thrilling episode from Pretty Little Liars. We also saw new bags to love from Spencer, Hanna and Alison. It was so sad no bag features from […]

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Lucy Hale as Aria Montgomery on PLL

Aria Montgomery the high school student who falls in love with her English teacher Mr. Ezra Fitzgerald but we were not going to talked about their love story :). It […]

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The Born this way Ball: Ahia loves GaGa

Last May 21, 2012. The Grammy award winning singer Lady Gaga has a two day concert at MOA Arena. There are so many protest before the concert starts and so […]

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Battle of the MINI BAGS

Mini bags are really a must have bags now a days, why? because everyday we carry a big and heavy bag in going to work, meetings and school. Mini bags […]

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Designer Bags of Celebrity Mama’s: The Hollywood Edition

Mother’s Day has been long gone but we cherish and love our dear mother so here’s the most famous and stylish moms we do love. These celebrity moms aren’t just […]

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Bag Terms: Things you need to know

Bag terms

Everybody has always been so confused about the classifications of bag like which is a hobo bag and a satchel bag and also there are many confusing terms like hardware […]

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Ashley Benson as Hanna Marin on PLL

PLL or Pretty Little Liars is one of the many American series that I watch. Every episode is so thrilling specially when finding out who “A” is. Every episode, I […]

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Marian Rivera and her Hermes Bag

The Queen Marian Rivera has always been spotted with a Hermes bag on her arm. With a beautiful woman like her it matches the beauty and sophistication of Hermes Birkin […]

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