What is 2.5D Screen?

If you’ve seen the gold LG K10, then you’re probably one of those people that check out the specs of a phone before buying it. That’s good; that should be something everyone does! But you’ve also probably come across a few terms you don’t understand. One of the newest terms you’d encounter is 2.5D screen. This is a new trending feature that many phones today have.

What Is It?

The D in 2.5D means dimension. So when you say 2.5D, it means that the screen is between 2D and 3D. You might be asking, “How is this even possible? Can something really be in between two dimension?”

Well, it’s not really a dimensional thing. It’s more of jargon for screen designs. What it really refers to is how the screen is slightly rounded off on the edges. 2D Screens were the usual screens before, in the age before the iPhone 5. 3D Screens are what Samsung used for their Edge series. These have screen that look like the glass is literally popping out; like in old CRT computer screens. So you can say that the 2.5D is the middle ground to these. These can be seen on the LG K10 – gold or any other color – the iPhone 6, Nexus 6, and Mi Note.

Why Is It Trending?

Adding a slight curve to the round-out the edges of a straight screen makes a phone easier to hold; more ergonomic. With studies showing that people spend more times on their phones nowadays, it’s a welcome trend that can make using phones so much more comfortable. That is what the gold LG K10 is such a popular choice nowadays; although it’s a mid-range phone, it’s still very comfortable to use for hours on end.

Not to mention, these phones are less likely to get sharp glass edges when they are dropped. Also, it’s just plainly looks really good! Much better than 3D screens, at least. These have raised above the bezel, which never really looked too good.

Are There Any Downsides?

There is only one downside and it’s a very small concern. Since phones with 2.5D screens won’t all be made the same way, it could be hard to find a third-party screen protector. You may need to buy from the creators of the phone themselves or look for specially made ones.

Key Takeaway

The 2.5D screen might not be the nerdy interdimensional screen that you were hoping for but it will be really comfortable on your hand. Yeah, you will need to buy a special screen protector, but that’s a minor price to pay when you can enjoy your phone and connectivity for longer periods.

A great phone that has a 2.5D screen is the LG K10 (comes in Gold and other colors). This high mid-range phone is a great bang for your buck; it’s cheap yet has many features of the higher models. Get one today and appreciate how the rounded edges will make you feel like the phone is meant to be held by you.

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