First Impression on ASUS ZenFone Live + Beautifying Giveaway


ASUS has released two new phones this year and one of them is the ASUS ZenFone Live and we at TBI tagged it as the “Vlogger’s Friend” wanna know why? Check our initial thoughts below. ZenFone Live has  a 5” HD Display and has a 5MP front camera with a sensor pixel  and a soft …

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Bagista of the Month!


Holla Bagista’s! I’m launching a new giveaway and planning it to be every month and hopefully we can get more sponsors for this. This is our way of giving back to you for supporting TBI for this past years! So here’s how you can join: Bagista of the month (BOM) is someone who supports TBI …

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Converse redefines youth culture with Chuck Taylor’s Forever Chuck


Rooted in youth culture, Chuck Taylor has been and will continue to be, an ever-lasting symbol — never a trend. Chuck is 100-years old, and still brand new. To bring the street style icon to today’s generation, the “Forever Chuck” campaign launched this past February as the first global initiative to serve the encapsulating spirit of …

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Jollibee has new dance craze together with Xia Vigor!


Who does not love Jollibee’s sweet-sarap spaghetti? They have been known for bring the best on our kids and also for us parents. And just recently Jollibee uploaded a made-for digital video featuring, Xia Vigor, their newest Jolli Spaghetti Ambassador. Starring in Jolly Spaghetti’s latest TV commercial that aired last March 26, the expanded made-for-digital …

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4 Juices That Surprisingly Cure Sore Throat


With summer coming up, the changing of seasons can bring sicknesses that are extremely irritating. Especially sore throat which can brought because of the sudden change in weather, or it becomes a symptom of the common cold. Sore throat can be quite taxing because you can’t do you daily activities well because of the pain, …

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Join ELRO’s Shoe Holiday Summer Adventure!


Most people is so exhausted with their work and wants to go shopping for their summer getaway. We all wanted our feet to be pampered because our feet carries all our weight and what’s a better way to give our feet a good reward it to buy a new sandals or shoes. ELRO’s Shoe Holiday …

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Century Tuna’s recipe to a hot and sexy body


Scorching heat and beach photos are just two of many things that will tell summer is indeed here and it will not leave very soon and what better way to enjoy summer is to flaunt our hot and sexy body, but how will all of us maintain or do diet when summer is also is …

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Feet that fits this summer with ELRO’s new summer specials


Summer is indeed her and the scorching heat makes us feel that we want to go to the beach. But most of the time, we want to do our OOTD’s to make our summer memorable and fashionable. The best partner for your OOTD and SOTD (shoe/sandals of the day) is ELRO’s  new summer collection. Here’s …

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Interesting Facts About BGC


Irrefutably, Bonifacio Global City is one of the highly developed borough in Metro Manila today. From its high-end shopping centers, mouth-watering restaurants, inimitable arts, picture-worthy parks, and affordable condos in BGC, it is no great secret that the city is constantly experiencing a sinewy growth. But before these modern developments was materialized, the city has …

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5 Underrated Glamping Sites in The Philippines


Tablas Point is one of the many attractive glamping sites in the Philippines. If you’re new to this trend, glamping is a portmanteau of the words glamorous and camping. It’s a new kind of travel, where you get to the camping site, but you don’t have to build your fire, put up your tent, and …

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Must-try Barkada Bonding Spots in Tagaytay


With summer coming up, the temperature will reach unimaginable heights that would want to make you stay in an airconditioned room.  On the other hand, if you’re not a fan of staying inside your house all day, then you might want to go out with your friends and have some fun. But, if you and …

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