• Tips and Tricks
  • 5 Must-Haves When Your Child Has Asthma


    People diagnosed with a clinical or medical analysis to cure their illness or sickness always has their personal medical kits or things with them. Diabetic people have their own medicine for diabetes, those with heart problems bring with them blood pressure monitor, and then there are those who bring their inhalers due to their asthma. […]

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  • Food
  • Knorr brings back the #LutongNanay home-cooked meal at home.

    Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 10.04.33 PM

    Last August 12, Knorr recently held another #LutongNanay event at the Cookery Place in BGC. This is from a follow-up event to promote Knorr’s #Lutong Nanay campaign. Now at their 3rd year of continous serving champion and delicious food for mother’s to share with their family. Knorr wants to bring back the passion on making […]

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  • Metro Scene
  • New Century Tuna’s Campaign featuring the Century Hot body of James Reid

    CT_NoBodyLikeJames Reid in the new Century Tuna campaign_photo1

    The long wait is over, though we know that James is the one who’s luscious lips take over EDSA, but we haven’t know what it is really all about. And yes, James Reid is the latest endorser of Century Tuna featured in a traffic-stopping EDSA billboard and a sizzling new television commercial, now airing, that […]

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  • Bag Investigating
  • How to avoid getting a fake bag online?

    How to avoid getting a fake bag online?

    There are a lot of online sellers on Facebook and Instagram lately and maybe you are asking yourself where should I get my very first branded or luxury bag? I know you have read a lot of articles like mine, but it’s really fun to help people out specially when they wanted the best for […]

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  • Cool Technology
  • Catch those Pokémon the right way

    Pokemon-Go-Safety Tips Infograph

    All those cute little Pokémons are every where, from the streets, to the malls, parks and hotels even the comfort room you can see them anywhere And we can not deny the this game is taking the country by storm, so here are some tips to go out and catch, drop lure and conquer gyms. […]

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  • Tips and Tricks
  • DIY: Themed Picture Frames

    DIY themed picture frames

    There are endless ways out there to create your own picture frames using any material of choice that is convenient for you. One suggestion could be steel plates used here in the Philippines to ensure the material of the frame is strong and sturdy to keep your precious picture. Get more ideas for DIY picture […]

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  • Beauty
  • Endless youthfulness with Pure Marula Oil


    Women nowadays know what’s their worth and how smart they are and how independent and confident they are. They also inspire and motivate others about a healthy lifestyle, specially when it comes to taking care of themselves and their skin, that is why modern women trust Pure Marula Beauty Oil. A non-greasy oil that is […]

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