A Letter for my Husband’s Mistress from me and my Son


You may think that this is just another letter for a mistress that started circulating online from different women around the world, but have we really look on what it causes infidelity to wife and their children? This is part of another letter to a mistress, but I am also citing the side of my …

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Inquisitive Mommy: Blue Cross UTI Test Kit


The Brand Philippine Blue Cross Biotech Corporation started marketing diagnostics Products, they are also the first and the one Pharma Company to offer a UTI Test kit. They have dominated the industry and they have wide varieties of  products that are distributed nationwide. They started in 1997 and the man behind the success is Mr. …

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The Classic low profile court sneakers, Converse Cons Pro Leather is back!


The court ruler Converse Cons Pro Leather was launched in 1976 and it has been ruling the basketball court on the feet of hall of famers. The Converse Cons Pro Leather LP Leather is a low-top take on a legendary basketball silhouette, whether you wear it to make a statement or just to have a …

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Modern Destination Weddings This 2017


Destination weddings have become quite popular lately, particularly since many celebrity couples have had them in the past couple years. As a result, regular folks started holding them as well, as they find it – along with the idea of having a more intimate event – a more appealing option for them.   Various locations …

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Our eyeglasses are not created equal

Couple using cell phones outdoors

Whenever my family visits an eye doctor, we always spend time looking for a perfect frame, but we always forgot to choose the right lens for our lifestyle. “Wearing just any kind of glasses is not enough. It is important to choose the right lens to get the best protection,” explains Emelita Roleda, general manager …

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Summer Outfit Ideas That You Can Wear Anywhere

Summer is fast approaching. The air is slowly but surely becoming warmer while the sunshine is getting brighter. Have you already planned your beach/summer getaway? Perhaps, you could go to one of the resorts in Tablas Island since glamping here in the Philippines are just extraordinary when you want to relax and de-stress. Do you …

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The Shared Office Space Trend for Startups and Where to Find Them


Shared offices seem to be the answer to budding entrepreneurs to find a working space that would not require a high capital and at the same time, obtain a place which promotes building information and modeling services in the Philippines today. It also aims to create an advantageous environment for businessmen and women for them …

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Living in the tropics can have its ups and downs. On one hand, year-round sun and fun; on the other, maintaining your body for year-round sunning and funning can be exhausting. When you have the option to slip into your shorts and head to the beach or pool any time of the year, the goal …

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You gotta get ’em all that Pokemon at Boulangerie 22!


Who says Pokémon Go craze has died down already? If you think that so you are not playing that game with your kids. But since the craze will not going out soon, Boulangerie 22 is offering our favorite Pokemon! Boulangerie 22 is a bakery and dessert cafe serving specialty cakes in various flavors. From our wide …

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4 of the Best Condos in The Fort

Imagine this scenario: You spend 8 hours of your time in your office in Taguig. After a long, tiring day, you look forward to going home. You start to daydream about going home, wearing your PJs, and watching television until you fall asleep. But as soon as you drive out into the highway, heavy traffic …

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